InfoZario:  A combination of the words “information” and “impresario.”

InfoZario’s vision is to make everyone an impresario of information at their job.

InfoZario’s goal is to share experiences and create learning materials to identify, organize, and share information DIFFERENT from those materials currently available, which are:

  • Dense textbooks that are 500+ pages of theory, but lacking in the practical.
  • Seminars or workshops with speakers who talk at you while showing incomprehensible slides.
  • Webinars that are mostly sales pitches.
  • Online courses that take forever to complete and that cost a bundle.

Instead, passionately certain that learning should be fun and entertaining–and in bite-size chunks–InfoZario is developing:

  • Books that say what’s important in 100 pages or less.
  • Online courses presented in short modules, in a variety of formats, at a reasonable price.
  • Live workshops of small groups, with each session lasting no more than 30 minutes.
  • A networked community of “InfoZarios.”

We don’t presume that our way is the only way to teach everyone. That’s why we’re asking you to let us know the type of learning that is best–or worst–for you, and also what information skills you want to learn.

We’ll share our ideas and progress, and hope that you’ll comment throughout on the direction we are taking. For starters, we’d appreciate your comments on the learning materials we’ve just described.

But our weekly blog will not only be about InfoZario. We will also be sharing opinions, tips, and stories from the information trenches, both ours and from others.

Next week we write about what we think are the requisite qualifications to become an Information Superstar.